Added Value

We do things differently at the City of Norwich Swimming Club. Find out how we add value and take your swimming to the next level.

Added Value

Our Coaching

Our award-winning coaching is nationally recognised. City of Norwich Swimming Club Coaches share 2 key principles. The first is a continuous quest for self-development seeking knowledge and experience to become their best which benefits our whole team. Our second coaching principle is engaging the people within our team to enable everyone to benefit from our coaches knowledge. Our coaches care about our swimmers, parents and workforce and lead by example setting the highest standards of honesty, integrity and reliability. City of Norwich Swimming Club cares about our exceptional coaching team and recognises their essential role in empowering our members to become their best.


Our Training

Our comprehensive training programme includes both pool-based training and dry-land strength and conditioning. Our training is progressive at every level and is designed to take swimmers through from playground to podium in accordance with evidence-based swimmer development guidance. City of Norwich Swimming Club swimmers benefit from training in both 50 metre and 25 metre length pools. Our dry-land strength and conditioning training ranges from fundamental movement patterns right through to lifting weights based on individual swimmer needs.
Swimming Nutrition

Sports Science

Our swimmers enjoy a range of sports science support to help improve performance. Sports psychology offered includes building swimmer confidence, motivation and preparation for competition. Nutritional support is focused around improving knowledge of a healthy plate to benefit swimmers training and competition whilst addressing individual needs. Our coaches tailor physiology in training to build our swimmers capacities. Biomechanics feedback continually improves our swimmers skill and stroke technique.

Away Meets

Every swimmer progresses long-term following our tailored competition programme. City of Norwich swimmers compete at the right time, the right number of times and at the right level. Our competition programme is inclusive and enables all of our swimmers at their level to see their progress long-term.

Swim Camps

City of Norwich swim camps add special value to our swimmers long-term development. In addition to intensive focussed training environments they offer excellent opportunities for our swimmers to develop their independence, confidence, resilience and team spirit. Our swim camp destinations include Cyprus, Fuertevenura, Torremolinos and Dubai.

Young Volunteers

The Young Volunteer programme is open to all of our swimmers aged 14 years and over. Our young members are trained and mentored to work across all aspects of the swimming club. From helping with our learn-to-swim to timekeeping at galas, our young volunteers learn new skills and gain great experience. This enable seamless progression into coaching or becoming an official within swimming and also develops essential life skills to benefit our young people away from the pool.
Every swimmer progresses long-term following our tailored competition programme
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